In life, it’s important to be surrounded by supporters if you want to achieve your goals. If you have nobody that’s going to hold you accountable, you’re not necessarily going to get where you want to go.

The first thing we like to recommend is finding a coach. If that’s not in the budget right now, you really just need somebody – anybody! – that will hold you to your word. It can be a partner, a buddy, anything.

You just need to be speaking to somebody that’s going to call you out and make sure you’re on track with the goals you’ve set.

The importance of setting your own goals

In many cases, when other people set goals on your behalf, you’re far less invested. You don’t necessarily feel connected to them, and because of that, you might not be giving it your all.

But if you’ve taken the time to write down your goals and set your expectations, a lot of the time you really just need a kick in the behind in order to make things happen. That’s where your accountability partner or coach steps in.

How often should you be touching base with your accountability partner? Our founder, LJ, meets with each broker once a week to make sure they are on track and understand where they’re heading. He also holds himself to the same standard.

“I have trackers that show a progression from year start to year end,” he explained. “Are we ahead? Are we behind? What do we have to do to shift?”

By using the many tracking tools available to you, it’s easier to tell when you have an issue or when you’re falling behind.

You can keep it simple, too

Accountability doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a 15-minute conversation with somebody: “Hey, what did you do? What didn’t you do, and what are you going to do to fix this next time?”

It’s the same reason why people get trainers at the gym: it’s not because you don’t know how to do the exercises. It’s because you need somebody that’s going to make sure you show up and execute what you want to do.

At LJ Realties, we’re all about the power of teamwork and accountability – not just for our brokers, but for our clients, too. Reach out to learn more about how we keep ourselves accountable to deliver the best possible experiences for our buyers and sellers!
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