Creating your Real Estate Dream Team

If you want to tackle the real estate market with confidence and success, it’s best not to do it alone. Today, we’re talking about who you’re going to want on your side when it’s time to purchase a property.

There are several important players involved in the mix – let’s go one by one.

Teammate 1: Real estate broker

This is the person who’s going to help you find properties that suit your needs, guide you through the deal process, and make sure that everything on the legal and transactional side is airtight.

Teammate 2: Mortgage broker

Who’s going to make sure that your mortgage loans are approved, and that all the information you need in the run-up to the transaction is updated and accurate? That’s where your mortgage broker comes in.

Teammate 3: Inspector

You’ll need somebody very trustworthy to inspect each property before you sign on the dotted line. The due diligence process can be a make-or-break moment as you draw closer to purchasing a home, and an inspector will help you read between the lines regarding the condition of a home. 

Teammate 4: Notary

Depending on your specific location, you’ll need a notary or lawyer. This is the person who will be doing the actual underwriting of the deal, handling the registration, and making sure that every step you take is in your best interest.

Teammate 4: Insurance broker

Whether you own one property or multiple, they will all need to be adequately insured. Anything less can turn out to be a nightmare. The quality of your insurance broker directly influences your capacity for handling unexpected issues – if your teammate is competent, you’ll be able to bounce back much faster.

Teammate 5: Property manager

When you’re looking to purchase an investment property, this teammate is key. If you’re starting off small with less than a handful of units, you can probably run your own portfolio. But as you continue to scale up, you’ll need somebody to either take the work off your plate entirely or take on some of the responsibility (unless you’re pursuing real estate management full-time).

When entering into a real estate transaction, this is what your dream team should look like. They’ll be the ones to safely carry you through every step of the transaction so you end up with the most advantageous deal! With the right people on your side, success is yours for the taking.

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