Goal Setting: Set Yourself Up For Success

What is goal setting? Why is it so important? What can it help you achieve?

Put simply, goal setting is the art of sitting down and asking yourself: what is important to me?

What do I want to accomplish? And how am I going to get there?

A lot of people usually think too small. They think, “Okay, well, I did this last year. So I’m going to do that again, and that’s my goal.”

That’s okay, if that’s all that you’re striving for. But in general, if you’re looking to level up or if you want to move into the next stage of your life, setting a larger goal or – what some people refer to as a “big hairy audacious goal,” or BHAG – is a lot more exciting!

Grant Cardone, the world-famous business trainer and influencer, suggests that you 10X your initial goal. Let’s say you wanted to earn $50,000. Grant would ask you, “Why stop there?

If you’re going to be self-employed and have control over that metric, why don’t we 10X that goal and set our sights even higher?

It’s very common to not actually hit that BHAG in the first year, and that’s okay. What does tend to happen, though, is that you end up a lot closer to that number than you ever thought possible.

The next most important thing about goals is tracking: you have to track them consistently. You have to put in the effort to actually take note of how many work-outs you’ve done this week, this month, this year. How many clients you’ve met with, seen, and closed. Everything is trackable, and the more you track, the better results you’re going to get.

The other important thing about tracking things is that you can actually keep track of metrics. And once you have your numbers down pat, you can really start running a business, because you’re going to start scaling. 

You can start hiring teams to take care of tasks that you’re not great at, or tasks that you don’t like doing. And once you have the right people in the right places taking care of the right things, your business is going to start to grow. Eventually, you can either sell the business, step away from the business, or hire other people and just oversee. 

Setting goals is the first step towards all of this success. As long as you’re intentional about tracking and growing them, we are so confident you’ll get exactly where you want to be?

Want to chat about some goals you have in mind? We’re here! Reach out to our team and we’ll be delighted to work through some of your big ideas.

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